Cat Lawlor is an award winning baker and wedding cake designer from Castleknock, Dublin.

A former Psychology graduate, Cat decided to pursue her love of art and baking and began to hone her skills into creating beautiful decorative cakes for her family and friends. What started as a love for all things sweet, soon blossomed into 'The Cake Cuppery'- a well known cake studio specialising in beautiful bespoke cake designs and flavours.


Likes: Overdecorating everything, colour coordination, her feline friend Ted and being a crazy cake lady.

Dislikes: Spiders, sticky hands, chair covers and cake ridges.






Cat. L Walsh 

Kathy Lawlor 

Kathy has been a successful business owner for 35 years and mother to Cat for 27! She is best known as the face of the infamous joke shop 'Fun Place' beside the Gaiety Theatre where many people have paid a vist over the years.

Kathy bought Cat her first cookbook at the age of 3 and incouraged the young baker. When Kathy is not busy running her business and cleaning up after her 4 girls she lends a much needed hand in the cake studio!  


Likes: Perfect cake pops, buttercream, leftover cake crumbs and the hoover.

Dislikes: Bloomed chocolate, clutter, cold tea and any time spent not hoovering.